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Medical Centers with Imaging and Laboratory


Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare is a complex and diverse business enterprise and our society has an urgent need for facilities that promote health, wellness and equitable access. We design the physical space that supports this need. Our medical planners, designers, healthcare professionals and strategic consultants help healthcare institutions navigate complex requirements to provide flexible and sustainable care environments. Our team designs patient-focused spaces that are both affordable and aspirational with the goals of improving patient outcomes, enhancing the experiences of visitors and staff, and creating healthier communities and positive health outcomes.

We incorporate our healthcare clients' needs into the facilities we design and implement features that better support healthcare delivery and the physical and emotional needs of all who use these buildings. We also complete these projects on budget and in an amazingly short amount of time.



Laboratories are complex and require a lot of coordination and flexibility. Designing laboratories today means creating more complex, collaborative, multi-use and industry-specific spaces than ever before. Technology and science applications are moving at a rapid pace, with mobility and flexibility at the helm. However, no matter how much labs change over time, lab safety expertise remains the one constant for both architects and users alike.

We know that every good lab project is designed from the inside out. So, we start working closely with our clients to understand laboratory procedures specific to their business for the project to translate effectively. From the type of equipment, flow of the space and safety measures that are incorporated -- everything has to be taken into account before we start designing. We also understand that waste takes up space, so our job is to help clients answer the necessary questions to understand space requirements and storage needs. We effectively deliver a design that helps our clients do better business.


We are committed to providing design for healthy, high-performance laboratories that are safe, efficient, and ergonomically sound. We work closely with our clients to bring a combined level of expertise and deliver creative and innovative solutions for unique laboratory spaces.

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