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Interior Design


Interior Architecture

Interior architecture is so much more important than many understand it to be. As the key link between architecture and interior design, interior architecture plays an integral role in creating a well-balanced home. Be it a subtle detail of a concealed built-in or the curve of the ceiling that gives the feeling of sublime proportion, we work tirelessly during this phase to ensure that every square inch inside your home has been carefully considered for livability and functionality


Owner Selections

With an infinite number of decisions in the building process, the Owner Selections service assists the client in coordinating product specifications and finishes. Typically, this includes appliances, plumbing fixtures, floor and wall finishes, architectural lighting, specialized doors and windows, cabinet styles, countertops, toilet and bath accessories, etc. This service also includes coordinated showroom visits, documentation of the owner’s selections and preliminary vendor pricing.


Interior Design

This is a collaborative process whereby our in-house interior design team will work with you to make design decisions that are both compatible with your individual tastes and complimentary to the interior and exterior styling of the home. As your interior designers, we will work with you to select finishes, colors, furnishings and other interior treatments that coordinate the overall palette of the home. Our vast knowledge of manufacturers and materials make us a key resource in helping you select durable, high quality and stylish pieces that make the best use of your budget.


Construction Administration - Interiors

During this phase, your interior designer will meet regularly with the contractor and subcontractors to ensure that the construction of the home conforms to the drawings, specifications and standards supplied by our design team.

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